“When we achieve we usually do so because others have helped…”

Donna Hartrick is the founder and creative designer of My Shopping Diva Gifts and Services – a dynamic and innovative gift basket company based in Whitby that launched in 2017.

Born out of a passion for gift giving, coupled with the strong belief that corporate gift giving is more important then ever, My Shopping Diva Gifts and Services (MSD) was created to enable businesses to give thoughtful, quality gifts that recipients will be thrilled to receive.

Coming from over 30 years of customer service background, Donna knows how important it is for businesses to demonstrate appreciation for their staff and clients. When gift giving is done thoughtfully, both parties benefit-recipients are made to feel special and valued, which intern helps businesses foster valuable, enduring relationships.

Donna is, however, well aware of the pressures many businesses face with little time to organize appropriate gifts.

Donna provides a service which enables businesses to purchase individual one-of-a-kind gifts, whether you’re in need of a single gift or hundreds My Shopping Diva Gifts and Services puts the same amount of thought and attention into each and every one.

So, whatever your requirements or budget, MSD will create unique gift concepts which they oversee every step of the way; from presenting and refining concepts, sourcing products, to creative and appealing packaging, and ensuring prompt delivery within Durham Region and GTA.

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