The timing of a gift can be just as important as what you send. This is as true in corporate gifting
as it is personal gifting. Here’s how to time it just right.

December isn’t the only time you can send corporate gifts. In fact, if you want your gift to stand
out a little and not get lost in the holiday pile, find other times of year when a gift could be
appreciated. Food and beverages are the most popular gifts for customers or prospective

The nice thing about sending food is that it gets consumed, and you can send it year after year.
Sure, you could send an umbrella with your logo on it. But, in reality, you can only do that once!
Sending food, people are less likely to perceive it as unwanted clutter. With food or wine
basket, they can experience the gift and enjoy it and remember it and talk about it.
If your clients are scattered in multiple locations, send something that focuses on the place
you’re from, experts say. Something personal where you’re from says this is the best of what I
have from my area. Craft beer, artisan treats or fresh local produce from your local farmers
market are just a few ideas.

From clients and customers to business partners, vendors, employees and more, your list of
vital players is ever growing and increasingly harder to handle. With professional gifting tips and
industry insights, My Shopping Diva Gifts and Services is here to help.


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